Card Names
LanguagePrimary NameAlternate Names
Flag of the Arab League  Arabicفتاة الظلام العجيبةفتاة الظلام العجيبة (anime "default"; "Wondrous Girl of Darkness")
فتاة فارس الظلام (anime; "Girl of Darkness's Knight")
ساحرة الظلام (anime; feminine form of "Magician of Darkness")
فتاة الظلام الساحرة (anime; "Charming Girl of Darkness")
فتاة الظلام (anime; "Girl of Darkness")
فتاة الظلام الفاتنة (anime; "Charming Girl of Darkness")
فارسة الظلام (anime; feminine form of "Knight of Darkness")
Flag of France  FrenchMagicienne des Ténèbresn/a
Flag of Germany  GermanDunkles Magier MädchenSchwarzes Magier Mädchen (anime; "Black Magician Girl")
Dunkle Magierin (When she appears as a character; feminine form of "Dark Magician")
Flag of Greece  Greekn/an/a
Flag of Italy  ItalianRagazza Maga NeraGiovane Maga Nera (anime; Young (Female) Dark Magician)
Flag of Portugal  PortugueseFeiticeira NegraMaga Negra (anime)
Flag of Spain  SpanishChica Maga OscuraHija del Mago Oscuro (European Spanish anime; Dark Magician's Daughter)
Maga Oscura (American Spanish anime, Yu-Gi-Oh!; [Dark Magician (female)]
Dama del Mago Oscuro (American Spanish anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX; Dark Magician's Lady)

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