• The official Arabic name for this card according to the Arabic anime (الجنديّ الفضائيّ من عالم الظلام) literally translated to "Space Soldier from the World of Darkness". This creates a problem, because in Arabic Dark World cards would have World of Darkness in their name, which would make this card a Dark World card, which it isn't in the TCG and OCG.
  • An approximated non-problematic Arabic name would be (جنديّ الظلام الفضائيّ) literally "Space Soldier of Darkness".
  • Τhe Japanese name of this card (Machine Soldier of the Demon World) can be translated in Greek as "Στρατιώτης Μηχανή του Δαιμονικού Κόσμου".
  • While its Spanish published name is "Ciber Soldado del Mundo Oscuro", its name in the Spanish version of Konami's card database is featured as "Cíber Soldado de lo Oscuro", possibly as a means of stating it's not a "Dark World" monster ("Mundo Oscuro", in the Spanish TCG).

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