• This card's Arabic name (التّنّين الإمبراطور الفوضويّ - مبعوث النّهاية) translates to Messy Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End. This is due to the translation of "chaos" in its informal sense, meaning "confusion, disorder or messiness".
  • The given approximated Arabic name (التّنّين إمبراطور الشَّواش - مبعوث النّهاية) translates to Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, referring to Chaos in cosmogony.
  • The Greek name given translates to "Chaos Emperor Dragon", a card name offered by the official Greek dub of the anime.
  • While the official Italian name of this card is Drago Imperatore del Caos - Emissario della Fine, the first Italian release in the The Lost Millennium' Special Edition had it named Drago Imperatore del Caos - Ambasciatore della Fine.
  • The French name of this card was first Empereur Dragon du Chaos - Annonciateur de l'Apocalypse, then it was changed to Dragon Empereur du Chaos - Emissaire de l'Achèvement.

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