• In the Arabic anime dub, this card was oddly called (الكمّاشات), literally "Pincers" or "Pinchers" (same meaning).
  • The given unofficial Arabic name (ندوب المعركة) translates to "Scars of Battle".
  • The Japanese name of this card (Engraved Seal of Blood) can be translated in Greek as "Χαραγμένη Σφραγίδα Αίματος".
  • The Spanish name of this card suffers from a mistranslation from English, as it was translated as "Battle Scared" ("Asustado de la Batalla"). A more fitting translation would have been "Marcado por la Batalla".
    • The name in the European Spanish dub for this card was "Heridas de Guerra" ("War Wounds")
  • The Portuguese name of this card suffers the same problem as the Spanish name. "Assustado com a Batalha" also translates as "Battle-Scared".

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