• In the Arabic anime dub, this card was called (النصيرة الأمازونيّة) somewhat meaning Amazonian Advocate. This card was also once referred to as Amazoness Tiger by mistake.
  • The given unofficial Arabic name (الأمازونيّة البطلة) translates to Hero Amazon or Champion Amazon.
  • The unofficial Greek name given (Αμαζόνα Ιππότης) translates to "Amazon Paladin".
    • The Japanese name of this card (Amazoness Holy Warrior) can be translated in Greek as "Ιερή Πολεμίστρια Αμαζόνα".
  • The name of this card in the American Spanish dub was "Campeona Amazónica" ("Amazonic Champion"), while its name for the Spanish dub was "Paladina Amazona" ("Amazon Paladin").

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