Original First erratum Second erratum
Red-eyes B. Dragon Red-Eyes B. Dragon Red-Eyes B. Dragon
[Dragon] [Dragon] [Dragon/Normal]


Original First erratum
Rotäugiger blauer Drache Rotäugiger schwarzer Drache


Original First erratum
Un dragón feroz con una ataque mortal. Un dragón feroz con un ataque mortal.


Original First erratum
攻撃力は上級レベル。まぼろしの超レアカードだ! 真紅の眼を持つ黒竜。怒りの黒き炎はその眼に映る者全てを焼き尽くす。
Its attack power is of the highest level possible. An extremely rare card! A black dragon with crimson eyes. Its black flames of wrath incinerates anything and everything that crosses its path.

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