• In episode 57, Yusei Fudo uses this card during his Ground Duel against Roman Goodwin. Because Yusei drew this card and it was a monster, the effect of "Destiny Activator" activates, destroying "Destiny Activator" and halving Yusei's Life Points. Yusei then summons this card in Defense Position. "Earthbound Immortal Uru" then attacks directly via its own effect, but Yusei Tributes this card to prevent himself from taking any Battle Damage this turn.
  • In episode 100, during Yusei's Turbo Duel against Breo, Yusei is forced to send this card from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard via the effect of "Voltic Bicorn".
  • In episode 102, this card appears in a flashback Yusei has when he remembers the effect of "Voltic Bicorn" and how it made him send a lot of the cards in his Deck to the Graveyard.

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