• In episode 71, Yuma Tsukumo uses this card during his Tag-Team Duel with Shark and Kite Tenjo against Vector (who had possessed Dr. Faker). After drawing this card via Shining Draw, Yuma Normal Summons this card and activates its first effect to Special Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray", "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" from the Banished Zone. He then activates this card's second effect to equip it to "Utopia Ray" and increase its DEF by 2000. After Yuma equips "Utopia Ray" with "Xyz Unity", he activates its first effect to increase the ATK of "Utopia Ray" by the combined ATK of all Defense Position monsters that he, Shark, and Kite controlled. After Vector activates the second effect of "Barian's Battle Buster" to force "Utopia Ray" to battle "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon" (whose ATK was 3000 through its last effect), the fourth effect of "Heart-eartH Dragon" nullifies the damage Vector takes and inflicts an equal amount of damage to his opponents, however Yuma activates this card's last effect to increase the ATK of "Utopia Ray" by the damage his team would take instead and negate the effects of "Heart-eartH Dragon". "Utopia Ray" then destroys "Heart-eartH Dragon", winning Yuma, Shark, and Kite the Duel.
  • In episode 94, this card appears in a flashback Dumon has when he reminds Vector that he used Dr. Faker and Vetrix to carry out his plan to destroy Astral World, but his plans were thwarted by Yuma and Astral.