Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 30, Jaden Yuki uses this card during his Duel against Nightshroud. He uses this card to halve the original ATK and DEF of "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" and Special Summon a "Half Token" with the same stats and effects as "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon". Jaden then summons "Elemental HERO Wildedge" and activates "Skyscraper". "Wildedge" then attacks the "Half Token". Due to the effect of "Skyscraper", "Wildedge" gains 1000 ATK during damage calculation only. "Wildedge" then destroys the token.
  • In episode 60, this card can be seen when Syrus Truesdale checks Jaden's Deck, after the latter claims that all his cards are blank.

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