• In episode 90, Alexis draws this card during her duel against Maitre' D. She is hesitant to play it in order to win the Duel, but she, in the end, chooses not to. Later Alexis discards this card in order to activate "Hallowed Life Barrier".
  • In episode 93, this card appears in a flashback Atticus Rhodes has when he confirms to Chazz that what Jaden Yuki and his friends were saying about Chazz ruthlessly defeating Alexis and turning her into a member of the Society of Light were true (Chazz couldn't remember what happened while he was a Society of Light member after Jaden managed to purge the Light of Destruction's influence over him).
  • In episode 94, Alexis uses this card during her Duel against Jaden. She equips this card onto "White Night Dragon". After "Spell Striker" attacks Alexis directly via its own effect, Jaden activates the effect of "Armor Breaker" to destroy this card. Alexis was greatly angered that Jaden destroyed this card since she was under Sartorius' control and and she was stripped of her free will.

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