• In episode 87, Chazz Princeton uses this card during his duel against Gelgo. On the last turn of the duel, Chazz Tributes this card for the effect of "Infernal Gauntlet". Since this card was now in the Graveyard, it gave "White Knight Lancer" a 300 ATK boost. Later Chazz uses this card during his duel against Jaden Yuki. He summons this card on the first turn of the duel. Later Jaden uses "Elemental HERO Sparkman" to attack and destroy this card. This card's effect later gave "White Knight Lancer" a 300 ATK boost. On Chazz's next turn, he discards a second copy of this card in order to activate "Tribute to the Doomed". This gives "White Knight Lancer" another 300 ATK boost. After "Sealed Gate" was destroyed by the effect of "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!", Chazz activates the effect of "Sealed Gate" to banish this card, "White Knight Lancer", and "White Knight Gardna" in order to Special Summon "White Knight Lord". Since one copy of this card was still in the Graveyard, "White Knight Lord" gains 300 ATK. In the next episode, Chazz regains his senses and activates "Cemetery Change" to destroy all monsters on the field and swap both players' Graveyards with each other. After Chazz activates "Infernal Transaction" to Special Summon "White Knight Lord" onto Jaden's side of the field, "White Knight Lord" gains 300 ATK due to this card's effect.

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