• In episode 87 Chazz uses this card during his duel against Jaden. He Special Summons this card via the effect of "Sealed Gate". As a "White Knight Swordsman" was still in Chazz's Graveyard, this monster gained 300 ATK. In the next episode, this card then attacks and destroys "Ojama Black". This card then inflicts 300 damage to Jaden. Jaden then Fusion Summons "Ojama Knight" and equips it with "Shield Attack" which swaps the ATK and DEF of "Ojama Knight". "Ojama Knight" then attacks this card, but due to this card's effect, it is not destroyed and Chazz takes no Battle Damage. Jaden then activates "Mystik Wok" to Tribute "Ojama Knight" and gain Life Points equal to its ATK. Jaden then activates "Ojamandala" to revive the "Ojama" siblings. Chazz then equips this card with "Infernal Gauntlet" and activates "Stray Lambs" to summon two Lamb Tokens. Chazz then activates the effect of "Infernal Gauntlet" to Tribute the tokens and allow this card to attack three times this turn. This card then attacks and destroys the Ojama siblings. This card then inflicts 900 damage to Jaden (as 3 monsters were destroyed by this card). After Jaden uses the effect of "Over Limit" to revive "Ojama Yellow", Jaden succeeds in freeing Chazz from the Society of Light's control. Chazz then activates "Cemetery Change" to destroy all monsters on the field and swap both players' Graveyards. He then activates "Infernal Transaction" to add "Ojamandala" from his Graveyard to his hand and Special Summon "White Knight Lord" under Jaden's control. This card then gains 300 ATK since "White Knight Swordsman" (who originally belonged to Chazz) was still in Jaden's Graveyard. Chazz then activate "Ojamandala" to Special Summon the Ojama siblings from his Graveyard. This card then attacks and destroys "Ojama Yellow". This card then inflicts 300 damage to Chazz. On Jaden's next turn, Jaden uses "Neo-Spacian Glow Moss" to attack. This activates the latter's effect, forcing Chazz to draw one card and reveal it. The card is revealed to "Silent Doom", a Spell Card, so Jaden can change the attack to a direct attack. "Glow Moss" then attacks directly via its own effect. This card then attacks "Ojama Green", but Chazz uses the effect of "Goblin Negotiator" to negate the attack and allow Jaden to draw one card. Chazz then activates "Silent Doom" to revive "Ojama Yellow". He then activates "Buried Destiny" to add "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" from his Graveyard to his hand. Chazz then activates "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" to destroy all cards on Jaden's side of the field. This card's final effect then activates, inflicting 1000 damage to Chazz and winning Jaden the Duel (Chazz intentionally lost as it was the only way to free himself completely of this card's influence).
  • In episode 105, this card appears in a flashback Chazz has when he states there is nothing he regrets about Obelisk Blue when there is not a single Duelist in that dorm that respects him anymore.

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