• In episode 169, Trueman uses this card during his Duel against Axel Brodie. He Special Summons this card to Axel's side of the Field by sending Axel's "Volcanic Slicer" to the Graveyard. Trueman then activates "The Unselected One" to make Axel choose on either saving this card or "Volcanic Doomfire". Axel chooses "Volcanic Doomfire", so this card and Axel's two Set cards are destroyed. Trueman then activates the second effect of "The Unselected One" to Special Summon this card from his Graveyard. Trueman then activates this card's first effect to inflict 1000 damage to Axel by sending "Flame Wall" to the Graveyard. On Trueman's End Phase, this card's last effect inflicted 1000 damage to him as he did not Tribute a monster besides this card. Later, Axel uses "Volcanic Doomfire" to attack this card (Axel intends to for "Volcanic Doomfire" to destroy this card in battle. This would allow him to activate the second effect of "Volcanic Doomfire" and inflict 1000 damage to Trueman), but Trueman activates "Volcanic Curse" to increase this card's ATK by 1000 (500 for each Pyro-type monster in both players' Graveyards at the timing that "Volcanic Curse" was activated"). This card then destroys "Volcanic Doomfire", defeating Axel.

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