Yu-Gi-Oh! R

  • Yugi Muto used this card in the special chapter.
  • Its attack name was 冥王葬送 (Mei Ou Sousou) which translates into Funeral March of the Dark Lord, also translated into Hades Funeral in some versions.
  • The effect was slightly different in the manga, with his effect being triggered as long as a Trap card was used to negate the effect of a card, not limited to being a Counter Trap. However, Yugi did activate a Trap card to "counter" Masumi Momono's Trap card by negating it, which in turn activates Van'Dalgyon's effect of destroying one opponent's card (which is "Tualatin") since the negated card is a Trap card.
    • Do note however, that what Yugi did is impossible in the real life, as in the manga version, the destruction effect is activated at the same time as its Summoning, allowing "Tualatin" to be destroyed before Van'Dalgyon hits the field, while in the real life version card, the destruction effect activates AFTER Van'Dalgyon is Summoned, at that time "Tualatin" would still be in the field, which means the effect of "Tualatin" that prevents monsters of certain Attribute from being Summoned is still applied, and if DARK is the chosen Attribute, Van'Dalgyon cannot be Summoned.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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