• In episode 194, Zigfried von Schroeder uses this card during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. He Special Summons this card via "Ride of the Valkyries". After the effect of "Valkyrie Zweite" destroys "X-Head Cannon", Zigfried uses the effect of "Valkyrie Erste" to banish "X-Head Cannon" and make "Erste's" ATK the same as "X-Head Cannon's". This card then gains 100 ATK due to a monster being in the Banished Zone. Later Zigfried activates "Valkyrie's Embrace" to switch this card to Defense Position and banish "Z-Metal Tank". This card then gained 100 more ATK. On Zigfried's next turn, he switches this card to Attack Position. After "Valkyrie Zweite" attacks and destroys "Pitch-Dark Dragon", Kaiba activates "Flat Lv 4" to Special Summon "Y-Dragon Head" from his Deck while Zigfried uses the effect of "Flat Lv 4" to Special Summon a second copy of this card. The second copy then gains 200 ATK due to its effect. Both copies' ATK returned to their original value after Kaiba activates "Dimension Fusion" to Special Summon "X-Head Cannon" and "Z-Metal Tank" from the Banished Zone. Kaiba then activates "Soul Absorption" and banished his three monsters to Special Summon "XYZ-Dragon Cannon". Due to the effect of "Soul Absorption", Kaiba gains 1500 Life Points since three monsters were banished. Both copies of this card then gained 300 ATK due to their effects. Kaiba then uses his "XYZ-Dragon Cannon" to attack and destroy one copy. Later Zigfried Tributes the second copy in order to Tribute Summon "Fortune Chariot".

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