• In episode 61, this card is shown in Yuma Tsukumo's hand during his Duel against Shark. In the next episode, Yuma had the idea of using this card's effect to destroy "Rivals Unite" (which Yuma used to take control of "Chaos Number 32: Shark Drake Veiss" in order to free Shark from Vetrix's control) and return "Shark Drake Veiss" to Shark's side to prevent the power of "Shark Drake Veiss" from hurting him despite that would mean Vetrix would be able to control Shark again. In the end, Shark activates "Underwater Snow Prison" (which was the first card he set during the Duel) to banish "Shark Drake Veiss" and take 1000 damage as a drawback, thus winning Yuma the Duel.