Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In the original, this card was shown with its TCG/OCG artwork, with "Bear Trap" and a circle. The dub uses the artwork from the previous series, with "Mirror Wall" and a hexagram.
  • In episode 57, Aster Phoenix and Zane Truesdale both use this card during their Duel against each other. When Aster activates "Draining Shield" in response to "Cyber Dragon" attacking "Elemental Hero Avian", Zane activates this card via "Trap Booster" in order to negate Aster's "Draining Shield", however Aster activates his own copy of this card to negate Zane's copy and destroy it. The effect of "Draining Shield" continues, negating the attack of "Cyber Dragon" and increasing Aster's Life Points by the ATK of "Cyber Dragon".

Scripted Duels

Video games

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