This card had a cost of Tributing a Toon monster.


Waking the Dragons

Scripted Duels

  • In North American WCQ 2015 Special: Marik vs. Pegasus, Pegasus draws and sets this card on the eighth turn. The next turn, he activates this card in response to Marik Ishtar's "The Winged Dragon of Ra's" attack, targeting the Level 10 "Ra" to Special Summon the Level 4 "Toon Alligator". This causes a replay. "Ra" then attacks and destroys "Alligator".
    • Despite scripted Duels following the anime, this card did not have a cost. However, in this duel, this card was used to Special Summon "Toon Alligator"; this is an illegal move, as this card can only summon Toon monsters, while "Toon Alligator" is merely part of the Toon archetype.

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