Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

Scripted Duels

  • In the non-canon duel YCS Providence 2012 Special: Mai, Joey and Yugi vs. Pegasus and Bakura, Pegasus uses this card against Joey Wheeler. After Pegasus Normal Summons "Gemini Elf", "Toon World" turns it into this card. The same turn, it attacks Joey's "Axe Raider", although Joey activates "Kunai with Chain" to increase "Axe Raider's" ATK above this card's. However, this card is not destroyed by battle as this card is protected so long as "Toon World" is active. On Pegasus' next turn, this card attacks and destroys by battle one of Joey's "Sheep Tokens". On Pegasus' turn after that, this card attacks and destroys by battle Joey's "Alligator Sword Dragon". On the final turn, this card attacks Joey directly. After Yugi assumes Joey's place in the duel, Yugi attempts to destroy this card with "Mirror Force", although this card is protected as "Toon World" is still active. After Yugi's "Catapult Turtle" destroys "Toon World", this card is destroyed by battle by Yugi's "Dark Magician".
    • This card did not match its effect as depicted in Pyramid of Light. Instead, its effect was akin to how Toon monsters were portrayed in the anime: It could not be destroyed nor take battle damage while "Toon World" was on the field, it was not destroyed by its own effect when "Toon World" was destroyed, it was not shown with any direct attacker capabilities, it did not have its discard effect.

Video Games

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