• In episode 71, Umbra uses this card during his Tag Duel with Lumis against Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba. He summons this card via "Curse of the Masked Beast". This card then attacks Yugi directly, but Kaiba order his "Battle Ox" to intercept the attack. This card then destroys "Battle Ox". After Yugi activates "Card Destruction" to discard "Archfiend of Gilfer" from his hand and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from Kaiba's hand, Yugi activates the effect of "Archfiend of Gilfer", equipping it onto this card and decreasing its ATK by 500. Kaiba then activates "Monster Reborn" to revive his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". In the next episode, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacks and destroys this card. Lumis, Umbra, and Kaiba were surprised at what happened and questioned how did that happen. Yami Yugi then explains that when he activated "Card Destruction" to discard his "Archfiend of Gilfer", he was able to equip "Archfiend of Gilfer" onto this card and decrease its ATK by 500.

Video Games

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