• In episode 58, Espa Roba uses this card during his Duel against Joey Wheeler. He Tribute Summons this card by Tributing "Cyber Raider". This card then attacks "Swordsman of Landstar", but Joey activates "Graceful Dice" to roll a die and multiply the ATK of "Swordsman of Landstar" by the result. Joey gets a three, so the ATK of "Swordsman of Landstar" is tripled. Joey then activates "Skull Dice" to roll a die and divides this card's ATK by the result. Joey gets a five, so this card's ATK is divided by five. "Swordsman of Landstar" then destroys this card.
  • In episode 66, this card appears in Kaiba's briefcase before he closes it.
  • In episode 74, this card appeared within some of the small clips that were shown going through a black background before we see a montage of Joey's Battle City Duels.
  • In episode 153, Joey uses this card during his Duel against Mai Valentine. He Special Summons this card via its own effect as Mai had six monsters and Joey had none. Joey then uses this card to attack and destroy one "Harpie Lady". Later "Harpie's Pet Dragon" (whose ATK was 3400 due to its own effect and "The Seal of Orichalcos") attacks this card, but Joey activates "Compensation Mediation" which forces Mai to set "Compensation Mediation" and two Spell or Traps from her Graveyard in her Spell & Trap Card Zone. Joey then chooses one set card and the card he chooses is "Compensation Mediation". This ends Mai's Battle Phase, but also allows her to put the two cards she took out of her Graveyard on top of her deck. On Joey's next turn, he switches this card to Defense Position. Later "Harpie's Pet Dragon" attacks and destroys this card. In the next episode, Joey activates "Monster Reborn" to revive this card. After Joey Normal Summons "Time Wizard", he summons "Claw of Hermos" and merges the latter two monsters together in order to create "Time Magic Hammer". Joey then equips "Time Magic Hammer" onto this card. This card then attacks "Harpie's Pet Dragon". Mai was unaware of the effects of Joey's new Equip Spell, so she decided to play safe by activating "Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation" to negate the attack. Joey then activates the effect of "Time Magic Hammer" which removed Mai's monsters from play once she started her turn. Joey then uses this card to attack directly. "Harpie's Pet Dragon" then returned to the field due to the effect of "Time Magic Hammer". "Harpie's Pet Dragon" then attacks this card, but Joey activates "Skull Dice" to roll a die and divide the ATK of "Harpie's Pet Dragon" by the result. Joey gets a two, so "Harpie's Pet Dragon's" ATK is halved. This card then destroys "Harpie's Pet Dragon". Valon then ended the duel by unlocking "The Seal of Orichalcos" with his Orichalcos Ring as he was unwilling to see Mai be defeated and lose her soul.
  • In episode 155, this card appears in a flashback Mai has when she yells at Valon for interfering with her Duel with Joey when she was about to win (which in reality was going towards Joey's favor though he was trying to end the Duel in a Draw).

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