• In episode 22, this card was shown in Yami Yugi's hand during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. In the next episode, Yugi activates this card to see Kaiba's hand and (to his shock) he sees that Kaiba had a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in his hand, but didn't summon it yet. Yugi then deduces that Kaiba might be planning on fusing his three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" together (in the dub, Yami questioned what Kaiba was planning to do with the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon").
  • In episode 131, this card is seen in a series of flashbacks Kaiba has when he notes to himself that he always feels excited when he Duels against Yugi.
  • In the Japanese anime, the card's pronunciation was "Shinjitsu no Manako" instead of "Shinjitsu no Me".

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