• In episode 169, Axel Brodie Sets this card during his Duel against Trueman, but did not activate it. Axel intended to activate "Volcanic Mine" to Special Summon "Bomb Tokens" to Trueman's side of the field during his next turn. He would then activate this card to negate the effect of Trueman's "Flame Wall" until the End Phase and switch one Bomb Token to Attack Position. "Volcanic Doomfire" would then attack and destroy the token and activate its second effect to destroy the remaining tokens and inflict 2000 damage to Trueman. When Trueman activates "The Unselected One", Axel was forced to choose on either preventing "Volcanic Doomfire" or "Volcanic Queen" from being destroyed. Axel selects "Volcanic Doomfire", so his set Cards and "Volcanic Queen" are destroyed.

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