• In episode 76, Tyranno Hassleberry uses this card during his Tag Duel with Syrus Truesdale against Frost and Thunder. He Special Summons this card via "Ultra Evolution". This card then attacks Thunder directly, but Thunder activates "Lightning Talisman" to negate the attack, force all players besides Thunder to draw a card, and inflict 400 damage to all players except Thunder for each card in their hand. Frost and Hassleberry both take 800 damage since they both had two cards in their hand while Syrus takes 1600 damage due to him having four cards in his hand. Later Syrus activates the effect of "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union" to equip this card onto "Stealth Union", allowing "Stealth Union" to attack twice this turn, by halving its ATK during both attacks. "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union" then attacks "Thunder Knight" and Frost directly, but Frost activates "Mirror of Duality" to destroy all monsters on the field and inflict 500 damage to all players except Frost for each destroyed monster. With two monsters destroyed, Syrus, Hassleberry, and Thunder take 1000 damage, which wins Frost the Duel.
  • In episode 131, Hassleberry uses this card to help himself and his friends open a portal to another dimension so that they can find Jesse Anderson and rescue him.
  • In episode 162, Hassleberry uses this card during his Tag Duel with Blair Flannigan against Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes. He summons this card with no Tributes thanks to the effect of "Big Evolution Pill". This card then gained 300 ATK and DEF due to the effect of "Jurassic World". Hassleberry then activates this card's effect to inflict 1000 damage by Tributing "Etoile Cyber" (earlier Blair used "Partner Change" to be with Jaden after Alexis got fed up with being Jaden's partner, but Alexis later used "Mystical Space Typhoon" to destroy "Partner Change" after seeing Jaden having fun like he used to) at the cost of forbidding this card from attacking this turn, but Jaden activates "Skill Shock" to negate the effect of this card. On the last turn of the Duel, "Cyber Prima" (whose ATK was 4900 due to Alexis using "Hero's Backup" to increase the ATK of "Cyber Prima" by the ATK of "Elemental HERO Bladedge") attacks and destroys this card, winning Jaden and Alexis the Duel.

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