• In episode 34, Trey uses this card during his Duel against Shark. He activates this card on the first turn. After Shark Normal Summons "Hammer Shark", this card increases the ATK of "Hammer Shark" by 300. Trey explains at this point that Level 4 or below monsters can't target "Chronomaly" monsters for attacks while this card is face-up. After Shark Special Summons "Big Jaws" via its own effect, this card increases the ATK of "Big Jaws" by 300. After Trey Xyz Summons "Number 32: Shark Drake", this card increases the ATK of "Shark Drake" by 300. Later "Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut" attacks "Shark Drake" (who Shark took control of via the second effect of "Orichalcum Chain"), but Shark activates "Plate Salvage" to negate this card's effects for two turns. Due to Trey activating the effect of "Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut" before attacking with it, it is not destroyed and Shark takes the Battle Damage Trey would have taken. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 57, this card appears in a flashback Vetrix when he reveals that Trey gave "Number 32: Shark Drake" to Shark by Vetrix's orders.