• In episode 187, Solomon Muto uses this card during his duel against Joey Wheeler while the former was disguised as Apdnarg Otum. He summons two copies of this card via the effect of "Ancient Key". "Ancient Giant" then attacks and destroys "Little-Winguard". Both copies of this card then attack directly. In the next episode, Solomon switches both copies to Defense Position. This causes Solomon to take 1000 damage during the End Phase since both copies didn't attack (500 Life Points for each "Stone Giant" that didn't attack). On Solomon's next turn, he switches both copies to Attack Position. Since both copies had their Battle Positions changed twice each, Solomon sends both copies and "Ancient Key" to the Graveyard in order to add "Ancient Gate" to his hand.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, Arthur Hawkins reveals to Yugi Muto and his friends (with the exception of Joey who was busy Dueling) that he had this card along with most of the other Ancient cards (the only card he didn't have was "Ancient City"); however it was Solomon who completed the collection first.

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