• In Ride 30, Yusei travels back to the past and face Shinto Priest in an One Shot Run, Shinto uses this card as his ace monster. During the ride, the miasma of the dragon infects Yusei; However, the dragon later communicates with him inside his head, and Yusei stops, accepting its blow. Then, in Ride 31, Yusei obtains this card, and comes back to the present.
  • In Ride 36, Yusei Summons this card for the first time by tuning Quick-Span Knight with Scarred Warrior. In the next Ride, this card attacks Power Tool Mecha Dragon and destroys it. Later, Luna activates the effect of Ancient Pixie Dragon in an attempt to destroy this card, but Yusei uses this card's effect to protect itself. Luna then activates Curse of the Forest to reduce Power Tool Mecha Dragon's attack points to zero in order to reduce this card's attack points by Power Tool's. Ancient Pixie Dragon attacks this card but it is still not destroyed due to its effect. This card then attacks Ancient Pixie Dragon but Leo activates Those We Protect to redirect this card's attack to Power Tool. In the next ride Yusei uses this card's effect to protect Luna's Forest Burst from being destroyed. This card is then attacked by Power Tool which was powered up by the effect of Fairy Tale Final Chapter: Moon of Oblivion, but Yusei uses his face-down Warrior Defense to lower Power Tool's ATK to 2500 and neither Power Tool nor this card are destroyed. This card then attacks Ancient Pixie Dragon but Luna activates Forest Spring in order to activate Those We Protect to redirect this card's attack to Power Tool. Yusei activates this card's effect but Luna chains Wrath of the Forest which means if this card isn't destroyed Yusei will take damage equal to this card's ATK so Yusei targets Power Tool and this card is destroyed. Yusei then activates Shifting Mirage to destroy Ancient Pixie Dragon. Yusei then activates Spirit Battle Special Summoning this card and Ancient Pixie Dragon, forcing the two to battle. This card attacks and destroys Ancient Pixie and Leo and Luna take damage equal Ancient Pixie's ATK, winning Yusei the duel.
  • This card's Summon chant is "Flash of light that splits the sea of stars!! Shake our souls and roar through the world!! Synchro Summon!! Stardust Spark Dragon!!". In the Japanese version, the chant is "Flashing ray that tears seas and stars!! Roar throughout the world and shake the souls!! Synchro Summon!! Flashing Karat Dragon - Stardust!!".

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