• In episode 20, Bronk Stone uses this card during his Duel against Number 96 while the latter was using Yuma Tsukumo's Deck. He equips this card to "Aye-Iron". Bronk then activates the effect of "Aye-Iron" to increase its ATK by 400. This card's effect then activates, inflicting damage to Number 96 equal to half the ATK of "Aye-Iron". After "Number 96: Dark Mist" (whose ATK was 1100 through its own effect) attacks and destroys "Aye-Iron" (whose ATK was 1000 due to the effect of "Dark Mist"), this card is destroyed.
  • In episode 47, this card is seen in Yuma's altered memories without his father's teachings. After Bronk wins his Duel against Yuma, he taunts him by saying that his face-down card was this card and he was foolish to be afraid of it during the Duel.