• In episode 200, Yami Bakura uses this card during his duel against Seto Kaiba. He equips this card onto "Diabound Kernel" which causes this card to summon a token with the same stats and effects as "Diabound Kernel". The token then equips itself onto "Vorse Raider", decreasing its ATK by 1800. "Diabound Kernel" then attacks and destroys "Vorse Raider". The token then returns to the field. After Bakura equips "Lord of D." with "Grief Tablet", Bakura equips the token onto "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", decreasing its ATK by 1800. "Diabound Kernel" then attacks "Blue-Eyes", but Kaiba activates "Attack Guidance Armor" to redirect the attack to "Lord of D.", destroying it instead. The token was later removed from the field when Kaiba Tributes "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Vorse Raider" to summon another "Blue-Eye White Dragon". After the second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" attacks and destroys "Diabound Kernel", this card is destroyed.

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