• In episode 196, this card is shown within Leon's backstory flashback when he explains how he became fascinated into Duel Monsters after discovering the game.
  • In episode 197, Leon uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He uses this card to destroy "Queen's Knight" for three turns. In the next episode, the effect of this card expires on the twelfth turn of the Duel (which was on Yugi's turn) and this returns Yugi's "Queen's Knight" to the field in Attack Position.
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears within a backstory flashback explained by Leon. It was about how the Fairy Tale Duel Monster Cards were created thanks to a letter Leon sent to Pegasus and how Leon obtained those cards.
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Rebecca has when she recognizes this card as the card Leon gave to her in their Duel against each other.

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