Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

  • Anubis uses this card during his duel against Yami Yugi (Seto Kaiba was originally Yami Yugi's opponent, but Anubis took over after Anubis tossed Kaiba aside and knocked him out). He Special Summons this card and "Andro Sphinx" through their own effects. On Anubis's next turn, he uses this card to attack and destroy "Obnoxious Celtic Guard" with this card's effect negating the effect of "Obnoxious Celtic Guard". "Andro Sphinx" then attacks and destroys "Watapon". "Andro Sphinx" then inflicts damage to Yami equal to half of "Watapon's" ATK. This card and "Andro Sphinx" are later destroyed when the "Pyramid of Light" was destroyed by the effect of "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon". However this allows Anubis to Special Summon "Theinen the Great Sphinx".
  • Its attack name in the original is "試練の就いて賢" (Shiren no Tsuite Ken, "Test Regarding Intelligence").

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