• In episode 140, Sherry LeBlanc uses this card during her Ground Duel against Crow Hogan and Akiza Izinski. She Special Summons this card via the effect of "Necro Fleur". Sherry then activates this card's effect to revive Akiza's "Crystal Rose Angel" under her control. This activates the effect of "Soul-Binding Gate", destroying "Crystal Rose Angel" and inflicting 800 damage to all players, but Crow activates "Chaos Life" to negate the decrease and increase all players' Life Points by the damage they would have taken. This card then attacks Crow directly, but Akiza activates "Crystal Veil" to banish "Crystal Rose Angel" and negate the attack as well as inflict damage to Sherry equal to half of "Crystal Rose Angel's" ATK. On the final turn of the Duel, Crow Synchro Summons "Black-Winged Dragon" attacks this card. Due to the effect of Akiza's "Synchro Stream", "Black-Winged Dragon" gains ATK equal to the ATK of "Black Rose Dragon" until the End Phase. "Black-Winged Dragon" then destroys this card, winning Crow and Akiza the Duel.

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