• In episode 103, this card appears in a flashback Leo has when he explains to his friends about the time Lester transferred to his school and when he later Duel against both him and Luna. Leo then noted the damage he felt from that Duel was real.
  • In episode 108, this card is shown in a flashback Yusei Fudo has when he recognizes the Skiel parts as the parts to the Meklord Emperor that Leo and Luna battled against.
  • In episode 131, Lester uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Jack Atlas. He Special Summons "Meklord Emperor Skiel", "Skiel Top", "Skiel Attack", this card, and "Skiel Carrier" via the effect of "Sky Core". A replay then occurs and Jack uses "Red Nova Dragon" to attack "Meklord Emperor Skiel", but Lester activates this card's effect to negate the attack. Jack then activates "Power Pressure" to inflict 1000 damage to Lester. Lester then gains "Infinite Aura", which gains ten Aura Counters since Lester took 1000 damage. Later Jack summons "Force Resonator" and sends "Force Resonator" to the Graveyard in order to prevent Lester from activating card effects that target "Red Nova Dragon" when it attacks this turn. After "Red Nova Dragon" attacks and destroys "Meklord Emperor Skiel", this card and the other remaining Skiel parts are destroyed with it.
  • In episode 132, this card appears in a flashback Yusei has when he wonders why the Three Pure Nobles consider it important to use "Infinite Aura". He eventually figures out that they're planning something with it, so he tells Leo to contact Jack and tell him that he needs to destroy "Infinite Aura".
  • In episode 147, Aporia uses this card during his Ground Duel against Z-one. He Special Summons this card, "Meklord Emperor Skiel", "Skiel Attack", "Skiel Top", and "Skiel Carrier" via the effect of "Sky Core". Aporia then activates "High Rate Draw" to destroy all monsters he controls and draw one card for each two monsters destroyed this way rounded down. Since five monsters were destroyed this way, Aporia draws two cards.
    • This card also appears in Crow's explanation when he explains to Leo that the Meklord Emperors can only be summoned while each of the Meklord Emperor's parts are in the Deck. Since Aporia was milling his Deck for a strategy he had thought out from the beginning of the Duel, Crow explains that it's a good thing that Aporia is using his monsters to help him reduce the number of cards in his Deck.

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