• In episode 106, Nezbitt uses this card during his Duel against Duke Devlin, Tristan Taylor, and Serenity Wheeler. He activates "Clockwork Night" to increase his "Machine King's" ATK by 500, turn all of his opponents' monsters into Machine-type monsters, and decrease the ATK of his opponents' monsters by 500. Nezbitt then activates this card to switch Duke, Tristan, and Serenity's monsters into Attack Position. "Machine King" (whose ATK was 3400 due to its own effect and the effect of "Clockwork Night") then attacks Serenity's "The Forgiving Maiden", but Tristan orders his Deck Master, "Super Roboyarou" to intercept the attack. Tristan then uses his Deck Master's ability to set "Rare Metal Soul" and increase the ATK of "Super Roboyarou" by 1000. "Machine King" then destroys "Super Roboyarou", defeating Tristan.

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