• In episode 58, this card is shown in Jack Atlas' hand during his Turbo Duel against Carly Carmine. In the next episode, Jack activates the first effect of "Majestic Red Dragon" to negate the effects of "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" and increase the ATK of "Majestic Red Dragon" by the ATK of "Aslla piscu". Jack then tries to activate this card to destroy "Majestic Red Dragon" and inflict its ATK as damage to both players, but Carly activates "Earthbound Release" to Tribute her "Earthbound Immortal", destroy "Majestic Red Dragon", and inflict the latter monster's ATK as damage to Jack. The second effect of "Majestic Red Dragon" activates in response, negating the effect of "Earthbound Release" and destroying it as well as inflicting the ATK of "Majestic Red Dragon" as damage to Carly, winning Jack the Duel.
  • In episode 120, Jack used this card in his Turbo Duel against Jinbei Tanigawa. After Jack activates "Overgain" to increase the ATK of "Red Dragon Archfiend" by 1000 for one turn, he activates this card to destroy "Red Dragon Archfiend" and inflict damage to both players equal to its ATK, but Jinbei activates "Gift of the Mystical Elf" to increase his Life Points by 300 for each monster on the field. Since there are six monsters on the field, Jinbei gains 1800 Life Points. This card's effect continues and Jack loses the Duel. Jack then passes the baton to Crow Hogan who proceeds in Dueling Jinbei.

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