• In episode 114, Noah Kaiba use this card as his Deck Master during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. Noah revealed this card was his Deck Master after he activated "Giant Flood". It then absorbed all the monsters that were currently in both players' Graveyards. Also from that point onward, any monster that would be sent to the Graveyard would be absorbed into this card. In the next episode, Kaiba uses "Spear Dragon" to attack directly, but Noah uses his Deck Master's Special Ability to summon "Vampire Lord" in Defense Position. "Spear Dragon" then destroys "Vampire Lord" and inflicts piercing damage to Noah". Later Noah uses the same ability again to summon "Giant Rex" and "Giant Soldier of Stone" and use them both to protect his Life Points from "Different Dimension Dragon" and "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon". Kaiba anticipates this by activating "Dragon's Rage", giving his monsters the ability to inflict Piercing Damage this turn. "Different Dimension Dragon" then attacks and destroys "Giant Rex". "Different Dimension Dragon" then inflicts piercing damage to Noah. Kaiba is about to use his "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon" to attack "Giant Soldier of Stone", but Noah uses Mokuba as a shield and Kaiba could not bring himself to harm his own brother. In the following episode, Kaiba chose not to attack with "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon" and ended his turn. Noah then activates another Special Ability of this card, banishing every monster that was in this card at the timing of activation so that he would gain 500 Life Points for each monster banished. Because twelve monsters were banished by this effect, Noah gained 6000 Life Points. Later Noah activated that same ability again to banish all the monsters that were currently in this card and gain 500 Life Points for each monster banished. Because five monsters were banished by this effect, Noah gained 2500 Life Points. Kaiba then activates "Last Turn". Noah chose this card for the effect of "Last Turn" while Kaiba chose his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" for the effect of "Last Turn". "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" then attacks and destroys this card, but this activates another Deck Master Ability, allowing Noah to summon "Shinato, King of a Higher Plane" which became Noah's new Deck Master.
    • Judging by Noah's usage of this card, it appears it was not a Ritual Spell in the anime, but a monster with unspecified ATK, DEF, Level, Type, and Attribute that could summon "King of a Higher Plane" upon being destroyed.

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