• In episode 114, Mr. Stein uses this card during his duel against Jaden Yuki. He summons this card via "Scab Scream". On the last turn of the duel, Mr. Stein Tributes this card during the End Phase to activate its effect, destroying all monsters on the field and inflicting 500 damage to every player for each of their destroyed monsters. Jaden then activates "Cocoon Veil" to Tribute "Chrysalis Larva" and prevent himself from taking damage from this card's effect. As three of Mr. Stein's monsters were destroyed, the effect of this card inflicts 1500 damage to Mr. Stein, winning Jaden the Duel. After Mr. Stein lost his duel against Jaden, this card fell out and he went to pick it up, however his Bio-Band activated and he had one last look at this card before he fell into the abyss.
    • This card is also shown being used in Mr. Stein's flashback duels when he explains to Jaden that this card was always used by him in his Pro-League Duels and they remained faithful to one another throughout Mr. Stein's time as a Pro Duelist. In one duel, this card was shown destroying "Legendary Fiend", "Zoa", and "King of Yamimakai". Another Duel showed this card destroying "Lizard Soldier" and "Boar Soldier". The second to last flashback Duel showed this card destroying "Machine King" and "Cyber Soldier of Darkworld". The latter three duels were all won by Mr. Stein. The final flashback Duel showed "Kaiser Dragon" destroying this card, which defeats Mr. Stein.

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