• In episode 121, Titan, the Rock Spirit uses this card during his Duel against Jesse Anderson. He Normal Summons this card on the first turn of the duel and uses it to stop Jaden from getting to the submarine, but Jim Crocodile Cook, Axel Brodie, and Adrian Gecko save him and hoist him back up. Jesse then starts his duel against the Spirit. Jesse then Normal Summons "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat" and uses it to attack this card, but Titan activates this card's third effect to negate the attack since the desert area is treated as "Wasteland". On Jesse's End Phase, this card's first effect destroys "Amethyst Cat". Jesse then activates the latter's last effect to place it in his Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card. This card then attacks directly. Later "Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle" attacks this card, but Titan activates this card's third effect to negate the attack. This card then attacks directly via its second effect. On Titan's next turn, this card attacks directly via its second effect, but Jesse activates "G Force" to Special Summon "Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger" and make this card attack "Topaz Tiger". Due to the effect of "Topaz Tiger", it gains 400 ATK during the Damage Step only. "Topaz Tiger" then destroys this card. After Titan is defeated, Marcel summons another "The Rock Spirit" to revive him and use him to stop the group from getting out of the submarine. The Rock Spirit then summons another copy of this card to make the sub fall down into a vortex of sand, but Jaden stops that by summoning "Elemental HERO Grand Neos" and using it to pick up the submarine out of the sand and throw it at this card and The Rock Spirit, destroying both of them.
  • In episode 129, this monster appears to stop Jesse and Axel Brodie from getting to the "Rainbow Dragon" card. Axel shoots three "Volcanic Rats" at the monster, but it doesn't affect this monster at all. Before this monster tries to attack Jesse while he was defenseless, the "Rainbow Dragon" card summons itself and destroys this monster to save Jesse.

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