Duelist Kingdom

  • In episode 6, this card appears in a flashback Joey has when he remembers Yugi giving him the "Time Wizard" card during the ride to Duelist Kingdom as well as Yugi saying to him there are some things that you can see that can't actually be seen.
  • In episode 31, Joey uses this card during his duel against Bandit Keith. He equips this card onto "Flame Swordsman", increasing its ATK by 700 (Joey did this so that "Flame Swordsman" would be stronger than "Zoa" (earlier Keith "mistakenly" revealed that monster before setting it back down in Defense Position)). Joey's "Flame Swordsman" then attacks "Zoa", but Keith activates "Magic Metal Force" to transform "Zoa" into "Metalzoa", making it a Machine-type monster. Due to the effect of "Magic Metal Force", the attack by Joey's "Flame Swordsman" is deflected back at "Flame Swordsman", destroying it and inflicting damage to Joey equal to the ATK difference between "Metalzoa" and "Flame Swordsman".

Battle City

Scripted Duels

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