• In episode 92, Yami Marik uses this card during his Duel against Mai Valentine. He Special Summons this card via its own effect as Yami Marik had "Holding Legs" and "Holding Arms" on his side of the field. Aside from being on the field, this card played no actual part in the Duel after it was summoned. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • In episode 96, this card is shown in a dream Joey Wheeler has when he sees Mai getting dragged off into the darkness.
    • This card is also seen in a flashback Yami Marik has when he notes that Yami Bakura being left unconscious from being defeated by "Slifer the Sky Dragon" prevented him from seeing Yami Marik use "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to defeat Mai.
  • In episode 123, this card is shown in a flashback that Joey has when he reminds himself that he must beat Marik if he wishes to wake Mai out of the coma she is currently in.
  • In episode 125, this card is shown in a flashback Joey has when he remembers the actual pain Mai felt while she was Dueling Yami Marik.
  • In episode 153, this card appears in a flashback Mai has when she remembers being attacked by Ra, losing to Marik, and being forced to live a never-ending nightmare where her friends ignore her pleas for help while walking away from her.
  • In episode 154, this card appears in a flashback Mai has when she remembers losing against Yami Marik.
  • In episode 179, this card appears in a series of flashbacks Yami Yugi has when he remembers all what Joey and Mai did for him and all what he did for them.

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