• In episode 94, Bolton uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Crow Hogan. He activates this card after he Normal Summons "White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer". On Bolton's End Phase, this card's effect activates and inflicts 800 damage to Crow (as two of his monsters were destroyed and sent to the Graveyard this turn). In the next episode, this card's effect activates on Crow's End Phase and inflicts 400 damage to Bolton. On Bolton's next End Phase, this card's effect activates and inflicts 400 damage to Crow. On Bolton's next turn, he prepares to activate the effect of "Blood Mefist" (which will inflict 900 damage to Crow since he controls three cards), however Crow activates "Down Burst" to set this card and "Whiteout". Bolton then activates the effect of "Blood Mefist", but Crow activates "Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" to destroy all set Spell/Traps controlled by Bolton. The effect of "Blood Mefist" continues and inflicts 300 damage to Crow (as Crow now only controls "Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak").

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