• In the anime, this card had a cost of half the controller's Life Points. When an opponent's monster attacks, this card changes the attack target to any randomly selected target on the field, including a direct attack to either player.



Battle City

  • In episode 59, Joey Wheeler uses this card during his Duel against Espa Roba. He activates this card to target "Jinzo", pay half of his Life Points, and spin "Jinzo" around until Espa ordered it to stop. When this happened, "Jinzo" slowly stopped spinning until it pointed at Espa's "Reflect Bounder". As per this card's effect, "Jinzo" attacks and destroys "Reflect Bounder". The effect of "Reflect Bounder" then activates, which destroys "Jinzo" and inflicts the battle damage to Espa, thus winning Joey the Duel.
  • In episode 124, this card is shown in a flashback that Joey has when he remembers all the Duelists he faced on his way to the Battle City Finals.


Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Scripted Duels

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