• In episode 171, Joey Wheeler uses this card during his Duel against Valon. He creates this card by merging "Claw of Hermos" with "Rocket Warrior". Joey then equips this card to "Brigadier of Landstar". Joey then activates this card's effect to destroy all of Valon's monsters and inflict their combined ATK as damage to Valon at the cost of forbidding his monsters from attacking this turn. Before his monsters were destroyed, Valon uses the effect of "Active Guard" to nullify the effect damage he would take this turn. Valon then activates the effect of "Data Brain" to create a copy of this card during his next Main Phase 1. On Valon's next Main Phase 1, the copy appears and Valon equips it to "Burning Knuckle". Valon then activates the copy's effect to destroy all of Joey's monsters and inflict their combined ATK as damage to Joey. On Valon's End Phase, the copy created by "Data Brain" was destroyed due to the last effect of "Data Brain".

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