Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


  • In episode 173, Chazz Princeton uses this card during his vision Duels in the World of Darkness. This card and "Ojama Yellow" were the only cards in his hand and he had to choose between using one of them. He chooses to Summon "Ojama Yellow" and Chazz then loses due to "Mad Sword Beast" attacking and destroying "Ojama Yellow" as well as "Mad Sword Beast" inflicting piercing damage to Chazz. The Duel outcome prior to Chazz's final move is then carried on to the next vision Duel. Chazz activates this card to shuffle his hand into his Deck and draw a new hand, but he draws "Level Up!" which will not help him win the Duel. Chazz then falls to his knees, begging for forgiveness.
  • In episode 174, this card is shown in Chazz's hand when he is shown Dueling a Rare Hunter in another vision Duel. The Duel's outcome soon becomes the same prior to Chazz's final move and Chazz, unwilling to lose, resorts to cheating. The Duel then switches to a Pro League Duel and since Chazz cheated he is banned from the Pro League forever. Chazz then gets consumed by a wave of darkness.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Ojama Yellow has in the realm of darkness when he notes to Chazz the outcome is just like last time.


  • In chapter 5, Bastion Misawa plays this card against Jaden. He hopes to use it to make up for the fact that Jaden usually gets much "luckier" draws than he does. He draws "Card Destruction" with it, which enables him to send the good hand Jaden did indeed have to the Graveyard.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In episode 44, Crow Hogan uses this card during his Ground Duel against Lazar. He uses this card to return one card in his hand to his Deck and draw a new card ("Trap Stun"). Because of how Crow did his turn, he was able trick Lazar into thinking the card he just drew was "Fake Feather".
    • In the dub, Crow called this card a Trap Card.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Lazar has when he notes that he should pay attention to the second card Crow set during his turn (the card he drew via this card).
  • In episode 45, this card is shown in Roman Goodwin's hand during his Ground Duel against Yusei. In the next episode, Roman forces Rally Dawson to take his place in the Duel. This card can be seen in Rally's hand and remained there until the Duel was over.




Video games

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