• In episode 175, Rafael uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He equips this card onto "Guardian Dreadscythe" via its second effect. This card then increases the ATK of "Guardian Dreadscythe" by 500 for every monster in Rafael's Graveyard. Since he has one, the ATK of "Guardian Dreadscythe" increases to 3500. After Rafael switches "Guardian Dreadscythe" to Attack Position, he activates the final effect of "Guardian Dreadscythe" to destroy all other monsters on the field. This increases the ATK of "Guardian Dreadscythe" to 5500. In the next episode, this card is destroyed after "Guardian Dreadscythe" (whose ATK was 5000 due to "Guardian Eatos" being removed from Rafael's Graveyard) and "Guardian Eatos" (whose ATK was 5000 due to "Goddess Bow" and was revived to Yami Yugi's side of the field via Rafael's "Monster Reborn" (which Yami Yugi took from Rafael's Graveyard via "Spider Web)) are destroyed in a Double KO.

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