Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 38, this card appears when Admiral explains to Jaden that even though he had been using money to help him get everything he wants, he was never able to get the three Sacred Beasts through money.
  • In episode 46, this card and the other two Sacred Beasts appear when Professor Banner explains to Jaden that he intends to create the Philosopher's Stone with the power of Sacred Beasts alone.
  • In episode 48, Kagemaru takes the Sacred Beasts from their hiding place after the Spirit Keys open the lock mechanism that keeps them from within his reach. He then challenges Jaden to a Duel as he can only gain full control of the Sacred Beasts by defeating Jaden in a Duel.
  • In episode 49, Kagemaru uses this card during his Duel against Jaden Yuki. He summons this card by Tributing three "Phantasmal Martyr Tokens". After Jaden summons "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman", Kagemaru activates this card's first effect to summon a Phantasm token. After Jaden summons "Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman", Kagemaru activates this first card's effect to summon a second Phantasm Token. On Kagemaru's turn, he Tributes both his Phantasm Tokens to increase this card's ATK by the ATK of both Phantasm Tokens until the End Phase. This card then attacks Jaden's "Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman" (whose ATK was 4600 due to its own effect), but Jaden activates "De-Fusion" to return "Shining Flare Wingman" to the Extra Deck and Special Summon "Flame Wingman" and "Elemental HERO Sparkman" from his Graveyard. This activates this card's effect, summoning two more Phantasm tokens to Kagemaru's side of the field. A replay then occurs and Kagemaru uses this card to attack and destroy "Elemental HERO Flame Wingman". "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" then attacks and destroys "Sparkman". On Kagemaru's End Phase, this card's effect expires. After Jaden summons "Elemental HERO Clayman", Kagemaru activates this card's first effect to summon another Phantasm Token. Jaden then activates "Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone" to swap the latter with the "Miracle Fusion" in his Deck. Jaden then activates "Miracle Fusion" to banish "Clayman", "Elemental HERO Avian", "Elemental HERO Burstinatrix", and "Elemental HERO Bubbleman" from his field and Graveyard in order to Fusion Summon "Elemental HERO Electrum". "Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone" then returns to Jaden's hand after "Miracle Fusion" resolves. Jaden then activates "Sabatiel - The Philosopher's Stone" to multiply the ATK of "Electrum" by the number of monsters Kagemaru controls. Since Kagemaru had five monsters on his side of the field, the ATK of "Electrum" is multiplied by 5. "Electrum" then attacks and destroys this card, winning Jaden the duel. After Kagemaru is defeated, Jaden and his friends return the Sacred Beasts back to their secure location.
  • In episode 62, this card appears in one of the many flashback bubbles Jaden sees in as he travels into Neo Space.
  • In episode 65, this card appears in the Duel Magazine that Jaden reads and the Duel Magazine that Syrus reads.
  • In episode 126, this card and the two other Sacred Beasts appear in Jaden's thoughts when he notes if he doesn't end his Duel against Chazz Princeton soon, Marcel Bonaparte will gain access to the Sacred Beasts.
  • In episode 129, Marcel uses this card during his Tag Duel against Jaden and Jesse Anderson while the former was possessed by Yubel plays this card against Jaden and Jesse Anderson while possessing Marcel Bonaparte. He sends this card, "Uria", and "Hamon" from his Deck to the Graveyard in order to activate the first effect of "Chaos Core". In the next episode, "Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth" attacks "Phantom of Chaos", but Marcel activates "Chaos Form" and equips it to "Phantom of Chaos". Marcel then activates the effect of "Chaos Form" to select this card and make the ATK and DEF of "Phantom of Chaos" the same as this card's. Jesse then activates "Crystal Flash" to prevent his "Amer Mammoth's" destruction and reduce the Battle Damage he would take to 0. Later Marcel Special Summons this card, "Uria", and "Hamon" from his Graveyard via the effect of "Dark Summoning Beast", ignoring the summoning conditions. After Jesse Normal Summons "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", Marcel activates this card's effect to Special Summon a Phantasm Token. After Jesse Special Summons "Rainbow Dragon", Marcel activates this card's effect to Special Summon another Phantasm Token. On the last turn of the Duel, Marcel activates "Immortal Class" to Tribute his two Phantasm Tokens and Special Summon "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" from his Graveyard, ignoring the summoning conditions. Marcel then activates "Dimension Fusion Destruction" to banish the three Sacred Beasts and Fusion Summon "Chaos Phantasm Armityle".
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears in a flashback Bastion Misawa has when he notes that the Sacred Beasts have tremendous energy like "Rainbow Dragon". Bastion then tells Jaden to have the Sacred Beasts battle "Rainbow Dragon" as that should unleash "Rainbow Dragon's" full power and create a portal that can take Duel Academy back to the real world.
  • In episode 154, this card is shown in a flashback Yubel has when she explained to Jaden that she feasted upon the darkness in her pawns' hearts in order to await her union with Jaden, which included sending Jaden and Duel Academy to the alternate dimension.
  • In episode 158, this card is shown in series of flashbacks Sartorius has when he explains that while the earthquake-like energy that is about to erupt on the island is nothing more than a hypothesis, the incidents involving the Sacred Beasts, the Light of Destruction, and Yubel have caused a lot of pressure to the dimension centering the Duel Academy island, which will cause another bad affair to happen.
  • In episode 159, this card is shown in a series of flashbacks Axel Brodie has when he explains that Kagemaru once used the scholarship students to resurrect the Sacred Beasts and gain eternal life until Jaden stopped him.
  • This monster's attack name in the Japanese version is Celestial Ravaging Fist, while in the English version, it is Shimmering Scraper.

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