• This card is used by heralds of the Barian World (and their pawns) in order to brainwash people and use it during the Duel.
  • Early episodes of the arc feature this card's lore as specifically summoning "CXyz" (「CX」) monsters. Starting with episode 83, its lore was changed to summon "Chaos" (「C」) monsters, allowing for the summoning of "Number C" monsters as well.
  • In episode 92, Vector uses this card to brainwash Brooke Walker and gives it to her. Note: When this episode was released, the lore of this card was slightly changed; see the Lores page for more information.
  • In episode 97, Mizar uses this card in his second duel against Kite.
  • In episode 103, this card can be seen in Alito's hand.
  • In episode 110, Number 96 uses this card to target "Number 96: Dark Mist" to Xyz Summon "Number C96: Dark Storm".


Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL

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