• In episode 138, Halldor shows this card to Yusei Fudo when he explains that he, Broder, and Dragan will use this card and the old Ener-D reactor to help create a pathway on the Daedalus Bridge which will help Yusei reach the Divine Temple and stop it from dropping down on Neo Domino City. With Bruno's help, Team Ragnarok's Duel Runners become connected to the old reactor. Team Ragnarok then used their Duel Runners, the three Aesirs, and this card to create a rainbow bridge made of Ener-D that would lead Yusei from the Daedalus Bridge to the Divine Temple. The rest of Team 5D's appears before Yusei can go and they convince him to let them go with him. Yusei agrees and they go up. Soon Vizor arrives to help Yusei and his friends with their mission. Team Ragnarok eventually reach their limits and their Duel Runners explode, putting them out of commission. The bridge starts to disappear as a result. Crow notes that Akiza Izinski's Duel Runner wasn't modified, so Yusei requests Luna to jump over to his Duel Runner, so Akiza can get more speed. She does so, allowing Akiza to go faster. Everyone manages to make it to the Divine Temple before the bridge disappears completely.

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