• In episode 60, Sayer literally uses this card while battling Yusei Fudo. Utilizing his psychic powers, Sayer materialized this card into an actual sword and attacked Yusei with it. Yusei blocks the attack off with his Duel Disk and asks the disguised Sayer if he was a Psychic Duelist to which Sayer laughs at. Eventually Sayer uses the sword's sheath to knock Yusei into the cellar Mina Simington was in. Sayer then activates "Hinotama" to seal the hatch to the cellar shut.
    • Strangely, Sayer's manifestation of the card bears little resemblance to the actual card as it possessed more of a curved blade with only one sharpened edge.
  • In episode 61, Sayer uses "Hinotama" to knock Yusei out of a room. Yusei is left hanging onto the ledge on the top of the stairs. Sayer then tries to activate this card to finish Yusei off, but Yusei laughs which shocks Sayer. Yusei then reveals that he had turned on the Multi-Duel Voice Network on his Duel Disk before Sayer revealed how he killed Toby Tredwell. This meant that Misty Tredwell heard everything that Sayer said about her brother. Misty then ordered "Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua" to kill Sayer (in the dub, she ordered her Earthbound Immortal to absorb him).

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