• In episode 134, Zure, Knight of Dark World uses this card during his duel against Jaden Yuki. He Special Summons this card via "Explosion Fuse", which equips onto this card. Zure explains that he can activate the final effect of "Explosion Fuse" during his next Standby Phase to destroy this card and inflict 1000 damage to Jaden. In addition to this, Zure states that if the ATK of "Power Annihilator" changes while this card is face-up, "Power Bombard" will be destroyed and Jaden will take 1800 damage. Freed, at this point, sacrifices himself to place himself into Jaden's Deck. Jaden then Normal Summons "Freed the Brave Wanderer". He then activates "Common Soul" to target "Freed" and Special Summon "Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab". Due to the effect of "Flare Scarab", it gains 1600 ATK (400 ATK for each Spell/Trap Card on Zure's side of the field). Due to the effect of "Common Soul", "Freed" gains ATK equal to the ATK of "Flare Scarab". Despite all this, Zure claims the outcome will not change as Jaden will still lose if he attacks. Jaden then activates the effect of "Freed the Brave Wanderer" to banish "Glow Neos" and "Winged Kuriboh" from his Graveyard and destroy "Power Annihilator" (as this card's ATK was technically higher than "Freed's" original ATK), thus rendering the effect of this card useless. "Freed the Brave Wanderer" then attacks and destroys this card, winning Jaden the Duel.

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